About Tabman

Tony Clout

Tabman was set up in 1998 by guitarist, bass player, and music arranger Tony Clout

In response to requests from amateur guitarists for tabs to show them how to play their favourite titles, starting with Ian McCutcheon’s Shadows Workout CDs, the Tabman catalogue has grown to include a wide range of titles.

Tony’s tabs are all transcribed by ear to a computer via Finale (the world-renowned music composition and transcription software) and combine music and chords in one document, complete with easy to read ‘manner of performance’ symbols written above the music stave. Customers have said the music and tabs have also helped them learn to read music.


In the last twenty years, the Tabman catalogue has grown to include approximately 600 tabs for original tracks by The Shadows, Duane Eddy, The Ventures, Jet Harris, The Dakotas, The Hunters, as well as other demo & backing track CDs by Dave Robinson, Warren Bennett and Ernie Lamprell, and Roger Allcock. The customer list has grown and now boasts people from all around the globe, from Australia (including Tasmania), Japan, Russia, South Africa, all over Europe and the UK, Canada, the USA, Mexico, and parts of South America.