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About Tabman

Tabman’s transcribed guitar tabs and bass tabs are considered to be some of the best tabs on the internet for classic guitar tracks.  We are world-famous for creating accurate guitar tabs and bass tabs to help you sound like the originals.  Tabman has been transcribing tabs professionally for over 20 years and our tabs annotate exactly which notes to play as well as how to play them so that you can create your own accurate performance.  Our tabs have often been described as a complete guitar lesson in one tab.

If you want to play Apache, Foot Tapper, or Kontiki and sound like Hank Marvin this is where to find the most accurate transcribed tabs   We produce the tabs for the popular Shadows Workout series by Ian McCutcheon and stock tabs for classic guitar greats such as The Shadows, Jet Harris, The Ventures, Duane Eddy, and The Hunters.  Many of our tabs are classic 60s and 70s hits with modern hits being added all the time.

We are the most popular guitar and bass tab site for Dave Robinson’s “Lead” seriesErnie Lamprell’s “Strat Trax,” Roger Allcock’s “Backin’” series, and Warren Bennett’s “The Vibratos” (The Ghost of Old Compton Street, Cappuccino Kid, etc.).

Our popular tab bundles are the best value guitar tabs on the internet as we offer big discounts, create popular tracklists and exclusive monthly packages for our valued customers.

If you’re a beginner wanting to learn how to play the classic guitar tracks or a professional needing to see exactly how to recreate the sound of an original, Tabman is the best place to browse, see tab examples and experience the joy of playing.  Our customers include music students, professional guitarists, tribute bands and guitarists who want to challenge themselves with accurate, detailed transcriptions of their favourite tunes.

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